Commercial Mold Remediation

Free Mold Assessment

Our commercial mold remediation team will visit your property at no cost to conduct a mold inspection.

Budget Friendly

Our services cost between 30% and 50% less than conventional mold removal techniques.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Our services are backed by a 12-month, no-questions-asked guarantee.

Quicker Results

Mold removal takes hours rather than days.

Minimally Invasive

The process involves no demolition, contractors, damage, or mess.

If you’re a business property owner or tasked with managing a facility, discovering a mold problem creates a challenge. That’s precisely why our My Pure Environment New England team, offering services throughout Boston, Massachusetts, and the broader New England region, has simplified the process of commercial mold remediation. Our innovative dry fog technology for removing mold requires only minimal demolition, saving you from costly deconstructions and time-consuming commercial mold removal methods. The dry fog strategy for mold correction is quick, safe, and highly effective. For more information, don’t hesitate to dial our office number or contact our team online.

What Is the Process of Dry Fog Mold Removal?

A wall covered in mold before a commercial mold remediation in Boston, MA.

We use dry fog to fill your business to instantly eliminate mold spores, whether in the air or on surfaces. The dry fog method is so effective because it can penetrate porous materials like drywall, eliminating any hidden mold growths.

First, we apply InstaPure, a fine spray of microscopic particles that attach to and immediately kill mold spores. Its primary ingredient, peracetic acid, is safe and has earned approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Following this, we utilize EverPure, a powerful surface agent that creates a defensive antimicrobial barrier. This results in a durable biostatic coating that inhibits the recurrence of mold and mildew.

Effective and Safe Commercial Mold Remediation

The dry fog mold remediation process is safe for you, your loved ones, and your pets. It doesn’t pose any threat to your office furniture or electronic equipment, and it also ensures your commercial or factory equipment remains undamaged.

Our dry fog approach effectively permeates HVAC systems and porous surfaces. It is even capable of eliminating mold growing within drywall and insulation.

We back our services with a one-year assurance for a mold-free environment. If, within this period, you spot mold in areas we treated, we commit to coming back and correcting the issue at no additional cost.

A Reputable Commercial Mold Remediation Company

Our team members are well-trained and detail-oriented. They have received comprehensive education to conduct thorough assessments of your business or facility. From the highest point of the roof to the lowest corner of the basement, we leave no area unchecked. If we discover mold, we’ll create an efficient and lasting commercial mold remediation strategy customized to your unique circumstances.

Our methodology is grounded in honesty. At each stage of the process, we’ll provide regular updates so you understand the full scope of the mold problem and the progression of the cleanup. That allows you to rest easy, confident in our dedication to commercial mold removal. 

The My Pure Environment New England Commercial Mold Removal Experience

  • Free consultations provided on-site
  • Thorough air quality monitoring
  • Individualized mold removal strategy 
  • Dry fog approach authorized by the EPA
  • Minimal demolition
  • Services are guaranteed for one year

If your commercial property is located in Boston or the surrounding New England area, our experts will have your business mold-free in no time.

Our Commercial Mold Removal Method

Step 1: Consultation

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll coordinate a time that fits your calendar to discuss your mold issues and our remedial strategies. With My Pure Environment New England, expert guidance is merely a phone call away.

Step 2: Inspection and Assessment 

Our expert team will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your business. Next, we’ll work closely with you to design a remediation strategy that aligns with your needs and preferences, delivering a solution that combines efficiency and personalization.

Step 3: Dry Fog Remediation 

We position the hoses within the prescribed remediation areas to ensure uniform distribution of the dry fog. That guarantees that even the most concealed corners are treated, enabling a thorough and potent sanitization of your business.

Contact Our Commercial Mold Removal Experts Today

Don’t allow a mold issue to persist in your business. We’re ready to provide a customized solution to your mold problem. Don’t hesitate to contact us today, either by phone or online.