Residential Mold Remediation in Boston, MA

Complimentary Mold Inspection

Our residential mold remediation experts in Boston assess mold risks in your home at no cost.


Our techniques save you 30-50% compared to conventional mold removal processes.

Peace of Mind

A one-year guarantee backs every service, no questions asked.

Prompt Turnaround

Achieve a mold-free home in mere hours instead of days.

Minimal Disruption

Experience the benefits of our service without the hassle of demolition, outside contractors, or residual mess.

Discovering mold in your home is a daunting experience. That’s why our team at My Pure Environment New England has simplified the mold remediation process. Instead of the traditional and often disruptive mold removal methods, we utilize a cutting-edge dry fog technique. This method avoids the mess of tearing down walls and costly cleanups, and it’s also quick, reliable, and thorough. If you’re curious about our unique residential mold remediation methods, contact us by phone or online.

Our Dry Fog Mold Removal Process

A woman finds mold in her home before residential mold remediation in Boston, MA.

Dry fog envelops your home with a mist that instantly targets and eradicates mold spores, regardless of their location — be it airborne or settled on surfaces. The potency of our method even allows for the neutralization of concealed mold within porous structures, like your home’s drywall.

Initially, we utilize InstaPure — a fine mist designed to instantly bond with and neutralize mold spores. The primary ingredient, peracetic acid, is both effective and safe, boasting approval from the EPA.

After that, EverPure offers a robust surface application that establishes a resilient antimicrobial defense. This layer protects against any mold or mildew comeback.

Safety and Efficiency in Residential Mold Removal

The well-being of your family, including your furry companions, remains our priority. Furthermore, our dry fog treatment is non-intrusive, ensuring your furniture, electronics, and household appliances remain unharmed.

Moreover, our meticulous approach guarantees a thorough treatment, reaching into HVAC systems and absorbent materials to destroy even the most persistent mold strands.

To back our service, we provide a one-year mold-free assurance. Spot any resurgence within this period, and we pledge to address and resolve it.

Why Choose Us for Residential Mold Remediation in Boston?

Our team brings extensive training and keen attention to detail to your doorstep. Our comprehensive inspections dive deep, from attic to basement, ensuring every potential mold hotspot is identified. We craft a specialized plan to address your home’s unique situation.

Integrity and clarity drive our approach. We prioritize keeping you in the loop throughout the process, laying out the challenges and our progress. By entrusting your home to us, you’re not just getting a one-time solution but a long-term commitment to ensuring a healthy living environment.

Experience the My Pure Environment Difference

  • Zero-cost initial consultations
  • In-depth air quality assessments
  • Tailored mold remediation strategies
  • EPA-endorsed dry fog application
  • Seamless, hassle-free treatment approach
  • One-year service assurance

You can breathe easier and healthier with our assistance.

Understanding Our Process

Step 1: Initiate the Dialogue 

Deciding to address mold concerns is the first step toward a healthier home. When you choose us, you’re forging a partnership with experts who prioritize your well-being. 

We’ll listen intently to your concerns. Together, we’ll determine a suitable date and time that aligns seamlessly with your schedule. Our initial conversation provides a foundation for the subsequent steps, setting the stage for a comprehensive and effective residential mold remediation in Boston, MA.

Step 2: On-Site Evaluation 

Our team of technicians visits your residence, bringing with them the best tools and expertise to conduct an in-depth inspection. Every corner of your home, from the visible areas to the often-neglected nooks, is meticulously assessed for potential mold infestations. 

Once the assessment is complete, we’ll sit down with you to discuss our findings and craft a treatment strategy that addresses the immediate concern and aligns with your preferences, expectations, and the unique characteristics of your home.

Step 3: Dry Fog Deployment 

Once we’ve crafted a tailored strategy, it’s time for action. Our cutting-edge dry fog technology takes center stage during this phase. But it’s not just about activating a machine and hoping for the best. Precision is key. Our technicians will strategically position our hoses throughout the affected areas, ensuring the remedial fog is uniformly distributed. 

Our systematic approach guarantees that even the most concealed spaces — be it under floorboards, within wall cavities, or above ceiling tiles — receive the necessary treatment. As the fog works by binding and neutralizing mold spores, you can rest assured that our method is exhaustive and thorough, leaving no room for mold to linger.

Contact Our Residential Mold Remediation Experts in Boston

Mold challenges shouldn’t be left to fester. With a dedicated team just a call or click away, ensure your home’s safety and health today. We are the go-to company for mold remediation in Boston, MA.